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Introduction to Chinese and English vocabularies

Delivery time:2016-11-30

Here to give you a brief introduction to some of the industry professional vocabulary English abbreviation of the true meaning

FPDFlat Panel Display 平板显示器

LCDLiquid Crystal Display 液晶显示器

TPTouch Panel 触控面板

PDPPlasma Display Panel 等离子显示面板

OLEDOrganic Light Emitting Display  有机发光显示器

LEDLight Emitting Diode 发光二极管

TNTwisted Nematic 扭曲向列

STNSuper Twisted Nematic 超扭曲向列

CSTNColor Super Twisted Nematic     彩色超扭曲向列

TFTThin Film Transistor 薄膜晶体管

LTPSLow Temperature Poly Silicon   低温多晶硅

ACFAnisotropic Conductive Film   异方性导电胶

COGChip On Glass 芯片与玻璃连接

FOGFPC On Glass软性线路板与玻璃连接

OLBOuter Leader Bonding外部引线接合

TABTable Automatic Bonding    卷带自动结合

TCPTape Carrier Package卷带传送封装